Saturday, April 21, 2012

【私房料理】French Macarons

I never saw or tasted French macarons until my first trip to Paris and I remember seeing colorful pyramids in many patisserie windows. My 1st macaron was from the pionner of Macaron : Pierre Herme, as you can forgive me , from that day, high standard was set .

As much as I love these delicate tiny things, what I love the most is how temperamental they are. Yes, temperamental. It is almost like they are testing my baking and science skills. They are challenging and intimidating if you have never made them before. This is also one of those recipes that you cannot just read about, you really have to look at your ingredients, the humidity in your kitchen, your oven… many factors involved here. One success may follow by a failure next, yes, it’s also testing my patient indeed . more like French phrase: C’est la vie

I was naive enough to think that I can save money by making my own macaron, again I was wrong, the investment of tools, ingredients, time… is just the beginging of a path I cannot turn around …. Do I regret ? Never ! The joy it has brought to me is priceless…

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